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Date: 03/27/2017
Title: The FCC Nominations for Chairman's Awards for Advancements in Accessibility is open until April 13

2 blue concentric circles. Between the circles the phrase "special award" on top and on bottomThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is seeking nominations for the sixth Chairman's Awards for Advancement in Accessibility (Chairman's AAA). The reception of nominations is open until April 13, 2017. 
The Chairman’s Awards recognizes the efforts of individuals and organizations that create more accessible communication tools for people with disabilities. For example, some of last year’s winners created a headset with a videocamera to help people with low vision maximize their residual vision, a wearable device for Sign Language Recognition and an app that reads documents using a smartphone camera. Without a doubt, technologies like these can significantly improve the life of people with disabilities. 
It is easy to submit a nomination. Just send an email to with the following information about a product, service, standard or other innovation developed or introduced to the public during calendar year 2016:
- Description of the program/challenge that is addressed by the innovation.
- Description of the innovation, with attachments or links to more detailed information if available.
- Description of how the Chairman's Award would impact continued development in this area, or improvement in the solution.
- Description of why this particular innovation qualifies for the Chairman's Award.
Winners will be recognized in June at an awards ceremony during the M-Enabling Conference and receive a plaque from the FCC. They will also be commemorated on a permanent plaque on display at FCC Headquarters.  How cool is that!
If you know or, even better, you are an individual or an organization that created a technology, a standard or implemented best practices for accessibility don’t hesitate  in submitting a nomination. 
Visit the FCC website for more information.