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Date: 10/27/2017
Title: Improvements on Availability of Accessible Airport Kiosks

This is good news, 2 airlines will be making accessible, within 2 years, 50% of their automated kiosks at the airports.  By law, at least 25% of the automated kiosks installed by airlines after December 12-2016 at U.S. airports have to be accessible* and at least 25% of the automated kiosks in each location at the airport have to be accessible by December 12, 2022.  
Row of airline kiosks at an airportSpirit Airlines and Alaska Airlines/Virgin America self-reported to the Department of Transportation (DOT) their temporary inability to comply with these rules. However, on Wednesday, the DOT announced an agreement with both airlines, where the airlines offered:
- Spirit Airlines will make at least 50% of its kiosks at U.S. airports accessible by December 31, 2017.
- Alaska Airlines/Virgin America will ensure that at least 50% of its kiosks at U.S. airports are accessible to passengers with disabilities by December 31, 2019
Besides that, both airlines will install only accessible kiosks in the future.  Even though they could not comply with the 25% kiosk accessibility requirement by last December, this agreement delivers a greater percentage of accessible kiosks in a far shorter time than everybody else. Our applause goes to the DOT, Spirit Airlines and Alaska Airlines/Virgin America for reaching an agreement that goes beyond the required minimum percentage of accessible kiosks.
* This requirement applies to "air carriers that own, lease, or control automated airport kiosks at U.S. airports with 10,000 or more annual enplanements." 
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