Cloud & Captioning


A prepaid & robust live captioning technology

 Cloud & Captioning is an innovative effortless prepaid service for live captioning!


Our difference with any other ASR system?

Cloud & Captioning technology combines multiple ASR’s engines with data in the cloud using convolutional neural networks (*) to produce an actual active learner system.  Based on artificial intelligence, Cloud & Captioning delivers the best quality available in the market.

(*) A specific type of artificial neural network that uses a machine-learning algorithm for supervised learning, to analyze data.

Cloud & Captioning help government institutions, cities, and municipalities to fulfill regulations Sections 504, 508, and ADA Title II Reg. 28 CFR §35.160 with a low budget.

Institutions can prepaid for whatever number of minutes they need and replenish their account at any time. That gives them greater control over their captioning budget.

When an unexpected event happens, it's difficult and stressful to get captioning resources right away. With Cloud & Captioning, that is not a concern; our platform is available on the cloud 24/7.