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Landscape at sundown. View of Potomac river. The Kennedy Center stands next to the river

If you are thinking about visiting our capital this summer, do not miss the accessible performances held at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Comprende logo. A smiling computer screen stands above the word "Comprende"

Last month, the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) announced the completion of the Dicapta Foundation project, “Colombia Comprende.”  This project and three others were funded by the Colombian Ministry of ICT jointly with the Ministry of Culture, through the program, “Crea Digital 2014.”  See the press release at the Ministry of ICT.

Airplane, Woman with glasses looks forward to the back of a seat in front of her

It’s always good to find a variety of movies and TV programs available when you’re flying.  However, for deaf and hard of hearing people it must be very frustrating not to be able to access closed captioning, especially when they know that some of the movies and TV programs on the flight have already been captioned.

Over a table: a gun, 3 bullets, a bag of cocaine and several dollars spread around

Last August, Netflix released their original series “Narcos” which offers audio description and closed caption in Spanish and English. This is the first of their original productions to have Spanish audio description.