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Alma stands inside a subway car. She grabs a pole located in the middle of the car. In front of her, her family is seated next to a window.

Audio description for Fred Rogers' Alma's Way has been nominated for the new Audio Description People's Choice Award!

Golden text on dark background: Unvisionarios. Honrando  lo nuestro, Jueves 8 p/7c

Tonight's Univisionarios gala at 8 p.m. EST will be broadcast with live audio description!

A girl practices ASL with a woman

From the 19th to the 25th of September of 2022 we will celebrate the International week of deaf people.  

Lucha libre masks

Learn about the history of one of the most iconic places in Mexico in this accessible documentary from Canal 22 International.  

a man with a 40's suit seen from the back

This month, Canal 22 Internacional releases a couple of accessible shows highlighting the work of two prominent Mexican artists: Efren Hernández and Julio Ruelas.  

A teacher showing sign language to a student

Accessibility to information for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, and deaf-blind (D/HoH/DB) is a right that cannot be overlooked in terms of population incidence, legal mandates, and basic human consideration.  

Angela interpreting in an event


We tell you a little more about the story of Angela Roth, a member of our advisory committee  

two young men lie in the ground looking at the sky

This Monday the POV movie Faya Dayi releases with accessibility features.  

María Victoria Díaz

At Dicapta, we proudly announce that our founder and leader, Dr. María Victoria Díaz, was nominated for the Mi Univisionario award.