Indoors. Six women smiling stand and pose next to each other. Judy Matthews, with Keats, her service dog, stands toward the center, in front of the other women.

As part of our celebrations during the Hispanic heritage month, we, at Dicapta and Dicapta Foundation, are proud to launch our series: Recognizing our friends

For this very first story to share, we feature one of our closest friends, Judy Matthews. 

Judy has been our mentor, our companion, our inspiration, and, most importantly, our friend since 2006. 

As part of our Advisory Committee, sweet Judy has always been ready to offer her best smile; and, even in times of fear or darkness, she has been key to reach our goals. 

We have too many stories to share about her role in guiding our steps to make this world accessible for people with sensory disabilities. We would like to choose one of those to tell you today, but it is really hard to choose just one! 

Let us just say that whoever comes in contact with her gets to know the real meaning of inclusion, kindness, and compassion. Once you have been touched by her magic, you have no choice but to try your best to support accessibility, and make products and services available for families, kids, and adults with disabilities. 

Judy came with us when we approached the Federal Communications Commission, almost ten years ago, seeking attention to the needs of Spanish speakers with sensory disabilities. She has joined our efforts in technology development and has been instrumental in the conception of Access4All (one of our new initiatives). Judy created the audible icon that Access4All will use as a standard for identifying the availability of accessible visual content. She has also supported efforts for accessible and bilingual art events such as concerts and plays.   

After living most of her life in Florida, our Cuban friend, Judy, her husband Casey, and Keats, her service dog, are leaving for Colorado. We are going to miss her in Florida, but thanks to love and technology, we will continue counting her in for every new effort to making media accessible to people with sensory disabilities.    

We can’t finish this short recognition, and big thanks to Judy, without mentioning her angelical voice and musical talent that now is flying with her to Pikes Peak. To appreciate it, just listen to this video.

Congratulations, Colorado, you are so lucky to have her there! 

Judy, we love you always. No matter where you are, you are with us forever. 


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