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Nelson Chamisa, the Zimbawean presidential candidate, in a rally

After the fall of Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s leader from 1987 to 2017, the military ensured the population that they will have free elections for their next leader. It is against this background of a newborn democracy that Camilla Nielson’s  “President” takes place.  

A blind woman and a man ride a rollercoaster

What does it mean to dedicate your life to someone else? This is the theme behind the movie "He's my brother" that will release Monday on PBS as part of POV's award-winning documentary series.  

Susana Harp, Geo Meneses y Rina Lazo

In the coming weeks, Canal 22 Internacional will premiere several programs that will highlight the works and lives of various outstanding women artists.  

Ricardo López stands next to a sign that says "Presente: A Latino History of the United States"

Ricardo López, a member of our advisory committee, was consulted by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Washington DC in order to provide guidance for the accessibility elements and some cultural aspects of one of their most recent exhibits.

Manuel Toledo runs with kites. Behind him, children follow

Dicapta is pleased to announce that the Museum of Latin American Art (Molaa) will join the Cine Con Sentido project with the screening of the film "A World Without Toledo" on July 8. Additionally, Molaa plans to have additional screenings on the second Friday of each month.

A doctor in protective gear holds a newborn

Dicapta celebrates joining POV to provide the audio description for the fourteen films of its 35th season. 

Jacobo Zabludovksy

For this month, you will be able to see the documentaries "Los Guadalupes, una sociedad secreta en la independencia" and "Jacobo Zabludovksy, un hombre tras la noticia”. 

A picture of Kelvin Crosby holding a ceramic vase

During deaf-blind awareness month, we at Dicapta have decided to put the spotlight on some figures of the deaf-blind community. This time, we are going to share the story of Kelvin Crosby, the DeafBlind Potter.  

Several people protest in front of a bus

“Javier Sicilia, en la soledad del otro” is now available with audio description and captions for the entire public.