If you are a user of captions, remember that you can always send your comments about problems with captioned programs to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

At this moment, comments about live captioning quality are especially important. Several consumer advocacy organizations and research centers have presented a petition to the FCC to inquiry on this topic. The National Association of the Deaf explains briefly on their website what this petition is about.

During this time of the year, with all the alerts about storms and hurricanes, is very important for users of captions to report the problems they have with live captions. To report these problems and, at the same time, to support the request made by the organizations regarding live captions quality, you can follow the next steps. 


1. Go to the FCC's express comments page https://www.fcc.gov/ecfs/filings/express

2. Type 05-231 in the field labeled "Proceeding(s)." You will see the following text coming up "05-231 | In the Matter of Closed Captioning of Video Programming Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. Petition for Rulemaking." Select that text and follow to the next fields.

Form showing the field Proceeding


3. Enter your information on each of the following personal information fields.

Form showing fields for personal information

4. In the field "Brief Comments," enter your comments about the quality of live captioning. Providing specific information will be a plus such as the particular caption quality problems, the name of the channel, the day, the time and the program name.

Form showing a field to enter comments and a button to continue to review comments

5. Select the "Email Confirmation" box to receive an email confirmation of the reception of your comment.

6. Click "Continue to review screen." Once in that screen, you can review your information and comments before sending them.


You, as a user, can play an important role to make the quality of captions better. Your comments help to bring attention to this topic.


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