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Thanks for your interest in accessibility. Dicapta Corp is truly convinced of the importance of providing accessibility as an essential tool for human development, inclusion and education.

Providing access is undoubtedly a competitive differentiating factor in today's globalized world.

Dicapta Corp. | Developing Accessibility Solutions to Reach Everyone!

Featured Project

Captions and Video Description: Educational Tools for Hispanic Children with Disabilities

Thanks to the resources received from the U.S. Department of Education for the project, “Captions and Video Description: Educational Tools for Hispanic Children with Disabilities” - Grant # H327C150009, we are providing high quality Spanish video descriptions and captions for some educational TV programming. Since this programming is suitable for use in the classroom, teachers who have Hispanic students who are blind, have low vision, are deaf, or are hard of hearing can use this content without worrying about accessibility issues. Besides providing descriptions and captions, we are designing training programs for special education teachers and giving workshops to parents of children with sensory disabilities. We have a fantastic group of people and organizations supporting this effort. Learn more about this project at ...