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Thanks for your interest in accessibility. Dicapta Corp is truly convinced of the importance of providing accessibility as an essential tool for human development, inclusion and education.

Providing access is undoubtedly a competitive differentiating factor in today's globalized world.

Dicapta Corp. | Developing Accessibility Solutions to Reach Everyone!

Featured Project

A Behind the Scenes Look at "Assistive Technology in Action" Project

On April 23rd, Dicapta added a video to our blog section titled “Assistive Technology in Action.”  We would like to invite you to have a peek at the behind the scenes view of how this production was made. Let’s first give you a brief description and background of the video before meeting the people it took to produce it. This video was born out of the need for an original Spanish Language resource. Undoubtedly, there is a myriad of resources dubbed to Spanish language and families often make use of it.  However, instructional material that has a cultural and linguistic anchor has a greater impact on the audience it wants to address.  Of course this doesn’t mean that fabulous material that has been produced in other languages should not be dubbed to Spanish for the use of our community.  It simply means that for this particular topic – learning about Assistive Technology and the Individualize...