Last Wednesday January 30th, we had the opportunity to do the dubbing in real time for HITN of President Trump’s speech of the State of the Union.

Thanks to our dubbing service, HITN viewers had the opportunity to listen in real time to a reliable translation in Spanish of the President’s speech.

Following the speech, Gerson Borrero, host of the Sunday show “Estudio DC con Gerson Borrero”, and several guests analyzed the president’s speech.  There is no doubt that by offering the translation of the speech in Spanish and in real time, gave the viewers information first-hand in their own language, allowing them to personally analyze the report on the state of the nation and the future policies presented by the president.

Dicapta specializes in real time translations of audio from English to Spanish and vice versa. Our experience not only includes TV transmissions, but also events for diverse audiences. 

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